I use and highly recommend Sticker Mule for high quality promotional items such as stickers, coasters, and packaging materials. They have great tools to help you make your logo or images look their best. I’ve used their ReDraw tool several times for clients who’ve lost or never had a high res or vector version of their logo, and am very pleased with the results.

I recently had the opportunity to review their newest design tool, Trace. Trace is a fast and easy way to remove backgrounds from your images, and best of all it’s free to use. It’s very simple, just upload your image. That’s it, the tool will identify the focus of the image and remove everything else around it. Once it’s done clipping the image, it even gives you the option to add a different background in, either solid color or images, before you download the image. The download page also gives quick links to ordering custom items with your new image.

Looking to create branded stickers or magnets? Sticker Mule’s design tools help anyone create print-ready images no matter their design background. Check them out at https://www.stickermule.com/trace!

Here’s a sample image I generated using Trace