Awesome Recommendations for Awesome Results

We love these tools so much, we had to share them with you. These are affiliate links, using them helps us grow! We only recommend tools we’ve used ourselves and think are awesome. Reach out if you have any questions before you purchase, we’ll leave our reviews below, but we always love sharing our experience.


Elegant Themes

Divi WordPress Theme


Give your website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves. We’ll make sure your website is ready to go when people are ready to buy.

Whether you’re just starting out or needing a dedicated server, we’ll keep you online.

Domain Registration

Become master of your domain. We’ll get you set up with everything you need to keep your business safe online.
Domain forwarding and masking makes you easy to find. You’ll have total DNS control to make everything easy to manage. Status Alerts if there’s anything you need to know straight away.
With auto renew, you don’t risk losing your domain from a calendar error. We’ll make sure your domain is locked so only you can redirect or transfer ownership. But if you do need to change any registration details for any reason, we can help.
We can also help you to register or transfer multiple domain names, or to backorder a name that’s already registered.

Websites: design + management

You’ve been making knitted vests for your 3 cats and have just decided to sell them online. We can set you up with the perfect website for you. From a design that makes you stand out from all the other cat knitters, to a reliable shopping cart, we’ve got you.

And when your passion project becomes bigger and you realize your mission to outfit every cat in the world, we can grow your website as you grow your business.

We’ll also keep your site safe from hacks and malware with our security packages.


Email. No more outdated email addresses for you. Streamline your business with email based on your domain name.

Storage. Ain’t nobody got time for a million filing cabinets. And that’s not good for the trees.  Let us help you get everything backed up and safely stored online.

Calendar. We can grow with you and your business. From a personal calendar to space for everyone in your budding multinational, we can hook you up and keep you on track.

Create a unique and professional email address based on your domain.

Online marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets more people noticing you. We make sure you’re standing out from the crowd and getting the attention that you deserve.

From just starting out to thousands of dedicated followers, we’ve got your email marketing needs covered.

Social media management

Social Media is a marketing dream. That’s why everyone’s on there shouting about how great they are. We can help you streamline your social media presence and stay on top of all platforms.

Online Presence Management

From your website to your long forgotten social media accounts (remember Google Plus?) we can help you take control of every aspect of the online face of your business. A cohesive presence across all platforms builds trust with potential customers.


We can source high functioning equipment and configure it for your high functioning small businesses. Surface Pro packages, hardware repair, support, and training.

Cloud Systems

Microsoft Office 365, managed anti-virus, remote monitoring and maintenance, remote & phone support, password security services through LastPass, employee security and productivity monitoring, mobile device tracking and management, on-site support and repair services. Data recovery services.